N i owe it all to you..


I owe my being, to this world,

to all those who are a part of my life.

to all those who came , stayed and left

Good, bad , ugly, beautiful…all that  happened to this life….

It made me what I am today

I owe my being, to this world

To all those who stayed longer or left earlier

And also those, who didn’t even enter

To all those who made the sun rise

To all those who made the darkest nights…

I owe my being to you

To all those…still living there..

To all those already dead

What I am today is all because of you,

I owe my being to all of you


Defining the good & the bad

White would not be as white if black did not exist

The good would not be as good if the bad did not exist

The “obedients” would not have mattered if “stubborns” did not exist

The Gods would not be so powerful, if the Devil did not exist

The rich, wouldn’t sound that “Rich”, if poverty did not exist

Love would not make a difference if hatred did not exist

The truth would not sound that true if lies did not exist

Peace would not be as peaceful if war did not exist

Whom would the heroes fight against if the villains did not exist

The good in you would go unnoticed, if my bads did not exist.